Report on the Protest against HB 87, Georgia’s SB1070

On a glorious day in July, thousands upon thousands of immigrants and their supporters took a stand against the new racist bill passed in Georgia. Starting around ten in the morning, the march continued until the afternoon, a fitting testament to the willpower and endurance of the American working class. HB 87, the aggressive new immigration bill endorses the use of unconstitutional racial profiling against minorities in an effort to make a more racist-friendly society.

Amongst the crowd was a plethora of various organizations ranging from the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights to the Revolutionary Communist Party, the American Party of Labor and the Socialist Worker’s Party, all working to send a clear message to the state legislature: that racist bills such as HB 87 are unjust, unconstitutional and intolerable.

The Georgia HB 87 legislation requires law enforcement to investigate the immigration status of certain people they “reasonably suspect” of being in the country illegally. With reference to “reasonable” cause as it has so often been the case; law enforcement agencies more often than not resort to profiling people based on the clothes they wear, the way they act and the color of their skin.

In addiction to attempting to legalize such an insidious practice, the bill seeks to punish those who get a job with false documents, transport undocumented people, harbor undocumented people, or even so much as incite others to come to Georgia illegally.

After reviewing the bill, US District Court Judge Thomas Thrash paused the provisions that would allow for police to stop suspicious persons and request documentation of citizenship as well as punish people who harbor undocumented workers. Although it is definitely a good thing that the US District Court judge noticed the unconstitutionality of the bill, it is simply not enough. At the very least the entire bill must be removed and a public apology to the American people must be made. The American Party of Labor has remained and will remain in full support of the complete and total legalization of all immigrant workers in the United States.

Deportation of undocumented workers destroys families and in addition to being a very base insult to human dignity is a formal declaration of war upon the working class. The capitalist aggression against the people of Latin America is not simply limited to a century of past imperialist actions but is a process that continues to this day. The repetitive cycle of oppression against workers in this country for many means a life of endless fear. Fear of losing your job, fear of losing your pension, fear of deportation, and most importantly the fear of what might happen to your loved one’s when you are gone. Only through struggling united against the capitalist’s and their cruel racist oppression can we free ourselves from the fear imposed upon us. The people united can never be defeated.

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