Obama’s War Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has always been a joke. Alfred Nobel was a 19th century military-industrialist who invented dynamite as a weapon. He was called the “Merchant of Death” throughout his career. The fact that he used his fortune to create a prize, and of all things a “peace prize” would be humorous if it weren’t so sickening. The prize itself was created by the sale of weapons that were designed to kill more people at a faster pace.

The Nobel Prize was always pro-imperialist on top of this fact. Among others, it has been awarded to imperialists who performed microscopic good deeds to wash their hands of blood, like Henry Kissinger, whose policies helped escalate the Vietnam War and kill millions of Indochinese people, or the Dalai Lama, a former theocratic dictator who personally owned 6,170 field serfs and 102 house slaves.

That legacy was confirmed a few days ago when Obama made his acceptance speech for the prize. This is quite fitting for a Nobel Prize, as like the prize’s creator Obama has done little for peace and a great deal for war.

The American Party of Labor maintains that overseeing a violent coup in Honduras, troop escalation and mass murder in Afghanistan, bomber drones in Pakistan, CIA torture, military escalation in Iraq, mass murder in Gaza, threatening war against Iran and North Korea and whitewashing indigenous Holocaust while doing nothing for Black Civil Rights is not worthy of anything called a “peace” prize.

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