The Illusion is Crumbling: the War Cover-Up

war 1

Each class of society has its own reaction to the present war: the American proletariat sees the need for peace, while the capitalists try to use “patriotic” symbolism to win more of the population over to the side of imperialism. The capitalists—both the liberal “left” and the conservatives, and all the way down to our libertarians and even the most ridiculed of the “socialist” parties—were straining harder each year to prove that the working class stood to gain something from the war aside from body counts. The ruling classes in America and Britain have pocketed much from this, and are prolonging the war to gain further control of land and resources and, on a deeper level, to forcefully spread their rule across the globe. Now something has changed—no more are they even trying to justify it—they are simply covering it up and not talking about it.

Media Silence Regarding the War

CNN, which has proven itself to be Obama’s puppet time and time again, has now stopped all mention and portrayal of the war at all, not to mention the infamous torture memos. Everyone knows that the war is still going on, but looking at the latest news from the capitalist media, it would be easy to believe otherwise. It is our responsibility as activists to keep knowledge of the slaughter alive, to put an end to it.

Message to Our Rulers

Gentlemen, please continue with your facade: see if anyone believes it. Let the workers see the ships of death named after our own dear companies, and let them be exposed. What feelings do you suppose they will evoke? “Patriotic” and bloodthirsty feelings, or those of a deep hatred for wars and at the same time, a deep desire for revolution against messieurs the ruling classes?

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