News relating to gender equality, women’s struggles, reproductive rights, and the fight against misogyny.

Alexandra Kollontai on International Working Women’s Day

First Published: Mezhdunarodnyi den’ rabotnitz, Moscow 1920; Translated: Alix Holt 1972; Transcribed: Tom Condit for marx.org, 1997; Proofed: and corrected by Chris Clayton 2006. From the Marxist Intenet Archive — https://www.marxists.org/archive/kollonta/1920/womens-day.htm?fbclid=IwAR1XrhtjSHWfDgL4KnBQ9e1g44R8Kp9QSqMNVT4sQ0JgAVeff3y7d-otmDc A Militant Celebration Women’s Day or Working Women’s Day is a day of international… Read More ›

No Erasure of LGBTQ+ People!

On Sunday, October 20th, the Trump administration announced that it was considering adopting a strict definition of “sex,” as it applies to anti-discrimination law. Under the proposed definition, gender will be considered fixed and immutable, with one’s gender assignment at… Read More ›