The Nation

The disunity characteristic of feudal society disappears in the course of capitalist development and a single national market is formed as a result of which nationalities turn into nations. “Nations,” wrote Lenin, “are an inevitable product, an inevitable form, in… Read More ›

A Message to American Social-Democrats

What is Social-Democracy? A “social-democrat” or “democratic socialist” is a person who seeks a supposed “third way” between capitalism and socialism, or else someone who wishes to establish socialism through peaceful means. We use terms like “socialism” loosely in this… Read More ›

A New Type of Democracy

Bourgeois ideologists and their reformist hangers-on shout from the roof-tops about “universal democracy”, “democracy for all”, which allegedly exists in the capitalist world. They hold up this “pure” bourgeois democracy in contrast to the dictatorship of the proletariat which is… Read More ›