Revolutionary History

Update on Tunisia

TUNIS // For years, Hamma Hammami’s chief concern was staying out of a Tunisian jail. Today, it is fielding non-stop phone calls from local and international media. “The fact that we spoke against Ben Ali gives us credibility,” said Mr… Read More ›

Art and Marxism

Art can be understood as how we express ourselves, translating experiences, desires, emotions, and knowledge into concrete images, sounds, and so forth. All humans are artists and we all have a hint of creative spark within us. Marx noted that… Read More ›

On Marxism-Leninism

When one removes the rose-colored glasses of American consumerist ideology, that anti-culture which assures us that happiness is only “one purchase away,” the world we see is one plagued by stratification. We live in a world of billionaires and starving… Read More ›