Statement of condemnation of Zionist crimes

By the Party of Labour of Iran – Toufan, Apr. 8, 2023.

The revolutionary and progressive parties and organizations signed below, which follow with all anger the criminal Zionist aggression on the Palestinian people in Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, are in front of the open collusion of all allies and friends of the occupying entity in the imperial countries, the agent Arab regimes, and the inability of international official institutions and headed by the United Nations. An escalating assault on the internal crisis in the occupation entity that wants to be exported outside this criminal entity. Instead, the powerful people of the enemy continue to teach lessons of endurance, resistance and upholding rights, no matter the size of sacrifices.

The parties and organizations listed below:

– Condemn the criminal Zionist aggression and especially strongly condemn the silence and mediation of the systems of normalization and treachery, allowed by it to the relationship of full dependency of the world imperialism, and at its head, the American imperialism, the enemy of the people and the torch of wars.

– Salute the heroic Palestinian people and their brave national resistance in all locations of the revolutionary action within the occupied land and its surroundings, especially in Lebanon, resistance and victory, and call on them to further unify the ranks in order to defeat aggression, liberate the land and the people, and disband the occupation.

– Call on all the national forces in the Arab world to turn around on resistance, to act with comprehensive mobilization and move urgently and in all possible and available forms to support the Palestinian cause, against normalization, complicity and betrayal.

– Call on all the national forces in the Arab world to form wide and continental coalitions at the level of the countries of our region especially in support of the Palestinian struggle and resisting normalization.

– Call on all the free people in the world to organize movements in front of the Zionist and American embassies and UN delegations and activate all forms of support and endorsements to Palestine and boycott the occupation entity.

Signature Parties and Organizations:

  1. Labor Party — Tunisia
  2. Labor Democratic Approach Party — Morocco
  3. Movement We Can — Mauritania
  4. Democratic Front for Palestine Liberation
  5. Lebanese Communist Party
  6. Palestinian Liberation Front
  7. Jordanian People’s Democratic Unity Party
  8. Jordanian Democratic People’s Party (Hashd)
  9. Desert human rights defenders rally in Western Desert CODESA
  10. PDP Socialist Alliance Party — Egypt
  11. Kuwaiti Progressive Movement
  12. Palestinian People’s Party
  13. Sudanese Communist Party
  14. Jordanian Communist Party
  15. Pole Party — Tunisia
  16. United Democratic Patriots Party — Tunisia
  17. Mahmoud Al-Rashidi — General Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party of Algeria (Frozen)

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