ICMLPO: The Left, The Workers, and the People in the Face of Imperialist War

Final Declaration of the 26th International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian imperialism has turned that country into the scene of a war in which the economic, political and geostrategic interests of several capitalist-imperialist countries are at stake. This aggression and the immediate intervention of US imperialism and its allies of the European Union and NATO in the conflict shows the sharpening of the inter-imperialist contradictions, to the point of leading them to the military field, turning this conflict into a war of an inter-imperialist nature.

Although the military battlefield is centred on Europe, its repercussions are global in nature, with economic, commercial, political and social implications. The effects of a military conflict, added to the sanctions adopted by the bloc of the US and European Union against Russia, and the response it has given to these measures, has led to the exacerbation of some phenomena that already existed and the appearance of other problems, such as the increase in levels of inflation, the aggravation of the energy crisis, the risk of famine in some regions of the planet and the decrease in international trade. The most disturbing phenomenon concerns the slowdown in the growth rate of the world economy, to the point of warning of the risks that a new economic crisis of capitalism has been ignited.

Particularly in Europe, the war fever has led governments of different kinds (neoliberals, social democrats, fascists) to increase their military budgets, to reform NATO’s budget and the number of its military personnel, while the workers and peoples are paying higher rates for public services such as energy, fuel and food and they are continuing to lose their jobs in branches where the effects of war are greater. There is no doubt that wars are big business for the monopolies and that the peoples are the main victims of these conflicts in which the interests of the owners of big capital are concerned.

But the impact on the living conditions of the workers and peoples is global. The serious problems created by the economic crisis of capitalism of 2020 and by the Covid 19 pandemic have not only not been overcome but, in the current situation, are getting worse. Latin America is one of the regions of the planet in which the lowest levels of economic growth are projected, with all the negative implications that this has for the living conditions of the workers and people; it is a continent in which, also, there are the highest levels of increase in poverty and extreme poverty.

This explains the rise of the struggle of the masses, who are taking to the streets so that the governments provide a positive response to their urgent material needs, but also to fight for political rights, for social transformation, in defense of water and the environment. The yearning for change is present among the peoples of our region and that yearning is accompanied by struggle, in which the workers, youth, women and indigenous peoples have a particular role. They are actions that come existed before and now are raised to higher levels of social conflict.

We live in a world in which the contradictions between capital and labor, between the workers and capitalists, between the peoples and imperialism are sharpening; in which the monopolies and the imperialist countries are counterposed to each other.

Inter-imperialist contradictions are not only present in the current conflict in Ukraine; they are various; they even exist among those who now act as allies to confront those they consider as the common enemy. Now attention is focused on the struggle between the bloc of the US and the European Union and Russia, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the contradiction between the two largest economies on the planet, the US and China, sets the tone for the world economic and political scenario. Today we are witnessing a new episode of this confrontation, provoked by the visit of delegations of US imperialism to Taiwan.

In these circumstances, we reiterate our rejection of the invasion of Ukraine and the imperialist war and raise the banners of peace. We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian workers, youth and people who are the main victims of this conflict and are resisting. We know that, as long as the capitalist-imperialist system exists, the danger of war will be present, and that it can even take the form of a world war. Therefore, the struggle for peace is inextricably linked to the struggle against capitalism-imperialism and to the triumph of the social revolution and socialism. We demand the dissolution of NATO and of all military blocs, the destruction of nuclear weapons and an end to the programs aimed at their creation; we demand an end to the arms race and to allocate those resources for education, health and the creation of jobs.

We call for strengthening the unity and organization of the workers and peoples to confront the owners of capital, that this unity be anti-imperialist and anti-fascist and expresses the internationalist character of the struggle.

From this America, in which the peoples are struggling to win their emancipation, we express our solidarity with all the peoples of the world who are fighting for jobs, for life, for freedom. We are united by the same ideals; we know that we are right and we also have the strength.

26th International Seminar Problems of the Revolution in Latin America

August 20, 2022

Attending Signatories:

Revolutionary Communist Party – Argentina

Revolutionary Communist Party – Brazil

Communist Party of Labor – Dominican Republic

Popular Revolutionary Front – Mexico

Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist)

Single Union of the Workers of Notimex – Mexico

Union of Revolutionary Youth of Mexico

Union of Education Workers – Mexico

General Union of Workers of Mexico

Popular Democratic Bloc of Peru

Peasant Confederation of Peru Justiniano Minaya Sosa

Popular Democratic Front of Peru

Popular Antifascist and Anti-Imperialist Front of Peru

Provincial Federation of Peasant Communities and Agrarian Organizations of San Ignacio – Peru

Peruvian Marxist-Leninist Communist Party

Union of Student Youth of Peru

Towards Marxist-Leninist Unity, New York – United States

Unitary Confederation of Neighborhoods of Ecuador

Unitary Confederation of Retail Merchants of Ecuador

Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador

Popular Front – Ecuador

Federation of Secondary Students of Ecuador

Federation of University Students of Ecuador

Women for Change – Ecuador

General Union of Workers of Ecuador – UGTE

National Union of Educators – UNE – Ecuador

Popular Unity – Ecuador

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador

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