Ohio APL: Racist Proud Boy Attack on Akron Woman Demands Action

Andrew Walls, a leader of the Akron-Canton chapter of the Proud Boys in Ohio, was charged after he appeared to be caught on camera shouting racial slurs at a Black woman and then punching her in the face.

“This changes a lot for me, in the sense that I want to get involved now. This happening was time for me to wake the hell up. And I hate that my daughter has to suffer that for me to wake the hell up.”

– David Morgan, Father of Cameron Morgan.

Late Saturday night to early Sunday Morning, Andrew Walls, a 26 year old self identified vice president of the Akron-Canton branch of the Proud Boys, yelled racial epithets at Cameron Morgan, before punching her in the face, and dragging her into the streets by her hair. The video on Twitter, shows the “boy” stumbling drunkenly, yelling slurs at people, and punching Cameron, and being attacked by bystanders for doing so. Cameron suffered a split lip, bruising, at one point swelling made it difficult for her to move her jaw, and a concussion. There are also additional charges pending from another woman who suffered at the hands of this “western chauvinist”. Sunday night, after the incident, Andrew Walls called police, and turned himself in Monday afternoon (not so proud after all?). Wells asserts he is not guilty of the charges. Bond is set at $25,000. 

The council on American-Islamic Relations asked Cleveland authorities to give the “far-right gang leader” hate crime charges. Judi Hill, president of the Akron NAACP said “We have to let people know that this isn’t acceptable, not just in Akron, but anywhere.” The FBI was also handed information about the case to see whether or not this counts as a hate crime, and seeing into Well’s connection as a “proud” “boy”. 

The rise of right wing extremism, “western chauvinism”, and the Proud Boys in particular leads to more violence in the streets. Any form of chauvinism, whether it be racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, is completely opposed to a civil society. It cannot be any other way with ideologies that divide and pit workers at each other. 

The Proud Boys are an exclusively male, far-right organization, formed in 2016, which has been designated a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the ADL, the Proud Boys currently have 119 active chapters in 46 states. They describe themselves as “western chauvinists,” an obvious front for their support of the “white genocide” conspiracy theory. The group’s founder, Gavin McInnes, who sued the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation, expressed that the Proud Boys were a “pro-western fraternity.” Their website “claims” that they stand for “minimal government, maximum freedom, anti-political correctness, anti-drug war, closed borders, anti-racial guilt, anti-racism (yeah, sure), pro-free speech, pro-gun rights, glorifying the entrepreneur and venerating the housewife.” At the same time in order to join you have to proclaim yourself “a Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating  modern world.” 

The Proud Boys claim to be peaceful, and yet time and time again, we see its members engage in acts of violence. Leaked PB chat logs show its members making threats of injury or even death. One member who goes by Anthony Mastrostefano said, “All I want to do is smash commies too. Actually I’m lying, I’m way past just hitting them. When the time comes I will stop at nothing to fully eradicate them all!” The same chats also show members posting selfies with weapons like axes and knives, while fantasizing about how they might be used against anti-fascist protestors. Proud Boys were amongst some of those who attended the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia; where fascists were seen carrying the flag of Nazi Germany and the Confederate flag, while chanting “Jews will not replace us.” The Proud Boys have been careful not to be seen associated with Nazis, but the event’s own organizer, Jason Kessler, was a sworn-in member of the Proud Boys, and he was seen featured on Gavin McInnes’, the founder of the group, own show. The wall they put up between themselves and avowed Nazis is all for show. Proud Boys were also instrumental in the attack of the US Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. At least 19 of those charged with offenses relating to the riots were associated with the group. On August 4th, they went to a protest in Sacramento wearing shirts that said “Pinochet did nothing wrong”.

“Western chauvinism” isn’t just trying to push the limits of free speech as they would have you believe, they also have been responsible for multiple attacks.

  • October 12, 2018, New York City, they attacked a group of protesters, kicking them, and bragging that they kicked one protester in the head while they lay on the ground, gloating while calling them “a fucking foreigner” 
  • June 8th, 2018, Portland, they punched a man who tried to argue with them (really standing for “free speech” there huh?)
  • May 11th, 2018, Vancouver, they attacked an African American teenager who yelled profanities about Trump.
  • September 27th, 2018, they attacked DSA organizers in a bar with pepper spray.

All this and more are documented on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website

The cowardly, attack by the so called “proud” “boy” Andrew Walls is the latest in a long and storied string of such attacks perpetrated by the group, and as in all other cases, the boy has attempted to backtrack and backpedal to escape punishment for his actions, pleading not guilty to an attack plainly caught on video, and attempting to explain away a lifetime of hate through the tried and very tired excuse of having been intoxicated. The Akron community, the minority community, and indeed all of Ohio will be better off should justice be served and Andrew Walls be confined to a prison where he can’t spread his dangerous message. 

The Ohio Division of the American Party of Labor condemns the attack by Andrew Walls as we condemn all chauvinism as dangerous to working people. Chauvinism serves as a lightning conductor that deflects investigation towards the systemic problems of society, and places hatred where there should be unity .

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