Urgent Statement from the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador

PCMLE: “For People’s Power and Socialism.”

Translated by Red Phoenix staff.

The peoples of Ecuador have won an important victory with an eleven-day popular uprising. We have pushed back the government which, with the exercise of brutal repression had been emboldened by the support of the entire right and imperialism, and which thought it could impose a neo-liberal economic package. Moreno insisted that he would not step back, but had to repeal Decree 883 and develop a new one.

The results of this struggle were made possible by the magnitude of the protest, its combativeness, and the UNITY OF ACTION of the popular forces. We have fought together with the indigenous movement, workers, youth, women, teachers, small merchants, peasants. A whole people has risen. It is necessary to highlight the combativeness, the courage of the youth that fulfilled the role of a shock force in these battles, and the action of the indigenous women who, once again, demonstrated their courage.

Our forces have fulfilled their role in this fight, we managed to position them, regain strength, and promote leadership. Our Party, Popular Unity and other leftist organizations have been in the struggle.

The National Strike, organized for months, was an important point on this day. We have played an important role in driving the action of the FUT.

The Government has been defeated, the right has been defeated, the IMF policy has been defeated – at this point.

The image of the Government is totally affected, its bishops in this crisis totally questioned: Jarrín and Romo. We must continue with the demand that they resign immediately, and we must continue to hit at the image of the Vice President and the Minister of Economy. Unmask the brutal repression of the Police and the Army.

The National Assembly is once again questioned.

The fighting peoples trampled and surpassed the “state of exception,” the curfew, and the misinformation of the bourgeois media.

The intentions of Correísm were not fulfilled, despite their great efforts. His coup attempts were defeated. The image of Correísm is beaten.

It is essential to promote in the people the importance of unity and struggle in having conquered this victory.

This day puts the popular movement in a new ideological and political situation. There are better conditions for its development. We must make efforts to strengthen our forces.

We must evaluate in our organizations and in mass organizations, unions, associations, communes, cooperatives, etc. what this fight has been and consider new actions. The Popular Assemblies that have been created in these days must be maintained to evaluate the actions and make them venues of debate of proposals and definitions of future actions.

We acknowledge the international solidarity we have received, the messages and actions that have been developed in several countries.

PCMLE Central Committee
October 13, 2019


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