Joint Statement of Revolutionary Democracy Organization and Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz on the Situation in Jammu and Kashmir

Together, Revolutionary Democracy Organization, India and Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz condemn the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A while questioning the basis of the presidential Order that has taken the form of the Jammu and Kashmir Re-Organization Bill 2019. This Re-Organization Bill, in question, is unconstitutional and devoid of legality because in 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that Article 370 is “not a temporary provision.”

We recognize that the people of Jammu & Kashmir are facing a repressive onslaught in the form of a lockdown in the space that is their home and that this decision puts their lives and liberty at risk. The manner in which the State of Jammu & Kashmir has been annihilated spells an imminent danger to all provinces, parts and territories within the India. It is a direct assault on the Indian constitution, and violates all the promises and commitments made to the people of Jammu & Kashmir, which is a vital region and can create turmoil in between India and Pakistan.

The following steps need to be taken to ensure that firstly Jammu and Kashmir can retain its sovereignty and secondly that its people are safe in their rightful land. We do not wish to see another Palestine-Israel situation.

Firstly, all decisions pertaining to the future of Jammu & Kashmir should be taken with their consultation. Only Kashmiris have the rights to decide their fate, not any other party. Secondly, an immediate restoration of communication services and lifting of restrictions on the political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir. Thirdly, an immediate scaling back of the troops deployed in Jammu & Kashmir.

We appeal to the international community to stand with Kashmiris in this time of hardship. We stand in solidarity with the people of Jammu & Kashmir, and wish to assure them that we stand by them in their resistance.

We further call up international social organizations to take note of the human right violations. These include violations of Articles 12-17 and 18-21 as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Furthermore, the lasting effects of the abrogation of Article 370 and deployment of troops has also resulted in the violation of Articles 22-27.

Since Kashmir can’t speak for itself due to all communication servers being down, we need to take a stand for them and ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear.

Revolutionary Democracy Organization, India 

Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz

11thAugust, 2019

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