Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela: “What Does the Situation in Venezuela Demand from Revolutionaries?”

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The people of Venezuela have been subjected to an attack that is expressed in different ways and with different tactics in order to undermine their ability to fight. The imperialist hawks know that this is a people that resists and fights from different political, organizational and economic trenches. It has largely identified its main enemy, which is the US and the EU against whom it must direct the central blows, avoiding the distractions that the vacillating petty bourgeoisie and sectors of the bourgeoisie try to impose. They try to focus the central attention on other phenomena, to diminish the willingness to fight necessary at this moment.

The consequences of the imperialist aggression led by the US, with the support of its EU allies as well as some lackey governments in Latin America, particularly Brazil and Colombia, have been progressively accentuated. This is shown in the increase in hardships that the exploited and oppressed must suffer day by day. They are the center of the attack of the speculators, the mercenaries of the paramilitary bands financed by the right. Added to this is the ineffectiveness of government institutions that are responsible for price control, guaranteeing public services and food supply, which have been deteriorating in an accelerated manner to the detriment of a significant part of the population.

It is clear that one cannot overcome the current situation through the pro-imperialist puppets of the opposition; to overcome the current situation requires among other things increasing production, which can be guaranteed precisely by those who produce, that is, the workers and peasants. It is also necessary to combat acts of corruption in the chains of marketing, distribution and consumption. But this also requires the organizational strengthening of the revolutionary popular movement, which must continue to work intensively to consolidate the agreements and alliance between men and women who express their firm will to face the imperialist aggression to the end. For this it is necessary in turn that the meeting spaces for debate, analysis of the situation and concrete proposals be put forward in a coordinated manner, consistent and in unison can be multiplied and accelerated.

We are in a race against time in complex circumstances. This in turn requires a militant discipline, conscious that it is an instrument for our skills as anti-imperialist and anti-fascist men and women. The enemy will multiply its actions, through psychological warfare, sabotage, sharpening the economic siege and its attempt to materialize a military intervention supported by mercenary armies of the region.  All this shows the hypocrisy of the sectors of the national and international right wing that try to use the difficult situations that the Venezuelan people are experiencing in their favor and that they have helped to create to an important degree.

Let us not be confused by the message that the imperialist propaganda machinery spreads by its media; the solution to the current situation will take place when the exploited and oppressed majority takes in their hands the development of the historical task that corresponds to production, the anti-imperialist struggle, that is, the economic and political leadership of the country. History shows that only the willingness to fight, strength in organization and clarity in political objectives in the development of the class struggle can mean the difference between catastrophe or the possibility of victory against capitalist misery.

In addition to our willingness to fight, it is important to consolidate international revolutionary support as an expression of proletarian internationalism. The peoples of the world must be mobilized, so that there can be no respite from the imperialist enemy anywhere, that there be a willingness to fight to the end, that the victory over the imperialist armies is possible with the correct revolutionary political leadership.

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