Declaration of the Cuban Foreign Ministry on Statements by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


Translated by Red Phoenix staff.

Havana, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina):

Cuba warned of the gravity of the message of arrogance and contempt with which the Secretary of State of the United States began a tour of several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In a statement published on Monday, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly rejected the recent interventionist statements that openly instigate the overthrow, by any means, of the legitimate Government of Venezuela; and also, advocate the damaging of the Cuban economy with the intentions of intimidating that Caribbean country.

The Chancellery points out that, “In his instructions for the region, Tillerson went so far as to suggest that President Nicolás Maduro should abandon his democratically elected, by an indisputable majority of votes, post of Head of State.”

The head of US diplomacy goes on to mention conditions in Cuba and, without any moral authority, meddles in its internal affairs, demanding, in our next electoral process, changes that are to the liking of Washington.

The Cuban statement warns that the words pronounced by Tillerson, in an appearance at the University of Texas, clearly conform to the bankrupt schemes of regime change, which have claimed millions of innocent victims in various parts of the world and promoted violence, war, humanitarian crises and instability.

“With his declarations, the Secretary of State, the high official of the United States Government, emphasizes the sustained contempt with which the Government of President Donald Trump has unequivocally referred to the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean, whose people he demeans at every opportunity.”

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