Editorial: A New Beginning, A Reaffirmed Commitment

“The era of proletarian revolutions has only just begun. The emergence of socialism is a historical necessity emanating from the very development of society. It is inevitable. The counterrevolutions that have occurred, the obstacles that have arisen, may prolong the outmoded exploiting system for some time; but they are powerless to stem the advance of human society towards its socialist future.”

Enver Hoxha

This year marks the centennial of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Around the world, communists and class-conscious revolutionaries are not merely celebrating the anniversary of this world-shaking event, but are using this occasion to reaffirm their commitment to the cause of proletarian revolution and socialism. The age of the proletarian revolution continues. The achievements and experience gained, the lessons learned, the battles lost and won, all form the living history from which we draw nourishment and inspiration.

We, in the American Party of Labor, would like to take this occasion to announce that we have taken a major step forward. Starting with this issue, The Red Phoenix will be a bi-monthly print publication. We trust that a print version of the Red Phoenix will serve to deepen and concretize our organizing efforts. And not just that, but it will also help us hone our political skills by giving us the ability to further spread our message in the streets through more boots-on-the-ground participation in mass and popular struggles.

We’ve come a long way; but we’re still at the beginning of the road. Let this newspaper be another step on that road, the road to freedom and socialism. That road opened up in 1917, it will continue until the final victory of the working class on a global stage. We are all travelling on that road.  Join us, for the journey will lead to your victory.

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