Rally in Protest at Khalil & Taffy’s Nov. 22 Disciplinary Hearing!

Taffy and Khalil. Photo by Jeff Mays.

Taffy and Khalil. Photo by Jeff Mays.

Friday, November 22 @ 9:00AM
City College of New York
Enter campus at W 137th St and Amsterdam Ave
In Front of the North Academic Center

On October 28, City College administration suspended Tafadar “Taffy” Sourov and Khalil Vasquez, two students who led demonstrations against the illegal raid and seizure of the Guillermo Morales / Assata Shakur Community Center. Taffy and Khalil are members of RSCC, a CUNY student group that has also been targeted by the NYPD for protests against the appointment of Gen. David Petraeus as “professor” at CUNY this fall.

At the first hearing on Nov 8, CUNY attempted to cap attendance at 15 people despite the availability of three large lecture halls nearby. CCNY security blocked off the main entrance to the NAC building with barricades and the entire building was occupied by large numbers of security officers.

The hearing was rescheduled for this Friday, November 22.

The current CUNY system does not serve working-class and oppressed-nationality students or our communities. The organizing of students who demand concrete changes, such as guaranteed free admissions, is a threat to CUNY’s vision of a whiter, more affluent university. This is why they are attempting to make examples out of Khalil and Taffy.

All out to Taffy’s and Khalil’s hearings! 

Defend the Morales / Shakur Center! 

Liberate CUNY for the People!


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