Arrest of Neo-Nazi Leader Who Tried to Take Over North Dakota Town


In breaking news out of Leith, North Dakota, the Grant County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that Neo-Nazi leader Craig Cobb, has been taken in to custody.

Cobb and his supporter Kynan Dutton were both taken into custody. The incident began after Greg Bruce went to Leith to help Lee Cook install a surveillance camera on his house. For some reason, Cobb and Dutton thought they were within their rights to walk across town brandishing guns to confront them about this.

“Craig Cobb and Kynan Dutton approached myself and Lee Cook with a shotgun and rifle in hand,” Bruce said. “I took photographs, they walked around town twice, they followed Miller Ferry home, scared her with a shotgun and rifle in hand and we called 911 the Grant County Sheriffs came out with the two deputies, John Foss and Derrick and took them into custody, handcuffed them.”

This just hasn’t been a very good month for Cobb. First he finds out that he’s 14% African on a daytime talk show, and now this! Stay tuned for more on this breaking story!

(Article by James Achisa and Micah Naziri)


Categories: Racism, Reactionary Watch, U.S. News

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