A Call for International Solidarity for the 19th of January Anti-Fascist Protests against Golden Dawn










New York

Chicago/Greece Anti-Fascist Working Group

Press Contact: Chris Geovanis, chrisgeovanis@gmail.com, NoGoldenDawnChicago@gmail.com, 312-446-4939

https://www.facebook.com/NoFascistGoldenDawnPartyInChicago | http://on.fb.me/Xck0Nf | @NoGoldenDawnChi | #antifa19jan #Greece

January 19, 2012

Greetings from Chicago, comrades. We write as workers, immigrants, artists and activists from a host of backgrounds with one message to you today: Chicago stands with the anti-fascist movement in Greece!

Chicago is known as a city of immigrants, and today the people of our city and our nation confront the same threats that the people of Greece confront – a rising tide of state-sponsored repression, extreme austerity measures designed to serve the rich and impoverish the rest of us, and a growing wave of right-wing extremism. As in Greece, we face a police infrastructure and government policy that serves its corporate masters with attacks on people of color, immigrants and any who challenge the power of the elites.

In Chicago, we also confront the aspirations of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party to expand its operations into our city. We have a simple response to the the elites and the Golden Dawn fascists who serve their interests: NO PASARAN!

Today we picket the Greek consulate in Chicago to condemn the collusion between the Greek authorities, the police and the fascists in their murderous attacks on immigrants, workers, unions, autonomous social centers, leftists and the poor. Our protest today is part of a groundswell of opposition in Chicago and across the United States to right-wing extremism. And no people, no nation, no progressive impulse inspires us more than the example set by the people of Greece to resist fascism and right-wing extremism.

Chicago joins the people of Greece in saying NO TO FASCISM! NO PASARAN!

In solidarity,

Chicago/Greece Anti-Fascist Working Group

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