Holocaust Denier and Open Nazi Runs for Congress

27 August 2012

Republican candidate states: “Philosophically, I am A National Socialist”

Illinois Republican Congressional candidate, Arthur Jones, openly asserts his allegiance to Nazi/fascism and asserts that the genocide of European Jews during World War II is a Jewish “extortion racket” and “the blackest lie in history.” Jones, who is running as a Republican against Democratic incumbent Dan Lipinski for control of Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District, has a long history of white supremacist and Neo-Nazi activism. Jones has been very public about his fascist views and past history, asserting that he does not reject his “past affiliations.” Jones, previously a member of the American National Socialist Party, participated in that organization’s infamous attempt to march through the predominantly Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie in 1978.

The Illinois 3rd Congressional District consists of a sizable portion of Chicago’s South Side as well as a number of Chicago suburbs, many of whom have substantial immigrant Mexican and ethnic Irish, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern populations.

Jones states that his decision to run was motivated by the fact that, in his view, “Our country is falling apart economically, politically, culturally, militarily. We are going down.” Jones, a Vietnam veteran who founded the Neo-Nazi organization Veterans of Jewish Wars and hosts annual celebrations of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Jones claimed that he is running as Republican as he “votes Republican 90% of the time.”

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