Teamsters close down Coca Cola bottling plant

Coca Cola worker in Connecticut walk off the job in response to attempts to reduce pay and benefits, and implement redundancies.

Workers from the Teamsters 1035 branch in Connecticut went on strike yesterday over job security, pay rises, health benefits, and potential redundancies.

357 drivers, warehouse staff, and bottlers walked out after negotiations with the bosses broke down. The workers have taken $2.65 an hour less in wages over the last five years in exchange for no increase in health insurance premiums. Bosses now want to tear up that agreement.

The bottling plant are planning to implement a scheme in which customers will come and collect their deliveries, rather than have them delivered. This will mean the loss of many driving jobs.

Striking staff intend on leafleting local supermarkets and stores, to highlight the behaviour of Coca Cola.

Coca Cola are confident supply will not be affected. During previous strikes at the plant, they used management and sales staff in order to try and break the strikes.


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