Same-sex marriage has the votes to pass in Washington

Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen announced support on Monday

C.R. Douglas, Q13 Fox News political analyst

SEATTLE—Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen announced on Monday that she would support Senate Bill 6239 to allow same-sex marriage. Haugen, who had previously been undecided, gives the bill enough pledged support to pass the Washington state Senate.

Haugen became the 25th state senator to support the bill. Four remain undecided. She said she came to the decision after reaching out to her constituency. Haugen, a Democrat, represents Camano Island.

“I have received many letters, emails, phone calls, very heartfelt, from both sides of the issue,” she said. “I’ve also received a number of very negative comments from both sides.”

Same-sex marriage supporters say that they already have enough votes lined up for the proposal to pass the House. Gov. Christine Gregoire has also publicly declared support.

Monday afternoon, the Seattle City Council passed a unanimous resolution supporting marriage equality legislation.

Several influential companies, including Microsoft and RealNetworks, have voiced their support for the state bill.
Opponents came out swinging, too. The Stand for Marriage Coalition on Friday announced longtime gay marriage opponent Ken Hutcherson as its spokesman. He had harsh words for Gregoire, who is leading the charge this year for the legislation.

“She might as well change her name to John Wilkes Booth,” said Hutcherson, “because what she’s doing now is trying to put a bullet in the head of one of the greatest traditions that has ever existed and has built our society — and that is marriage between one man and one woman.”

Hutcherson said that if the Legislature does pass gay marriage, his group will gather signatures and put a referendum on the ballot to overturn the law this fall.


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