Statement from an Occupy Raleigh Participant

Something for nothing? The corporate media owned by the 1% are saying that we the people of Occupy Raleigh want something for nothing.

Something for nothing?

We are the 99%. We clean the toilets. We dig the coal. We pick the food. We pave the roads. We build the cars. We teach the children. We nurse the sick.

The 1% cannot survive without us. We are their nannies, their cooks, their wait-persons, their dishwashers, their security guards, their butlers, their chauffeurs.

We grant exclusive rights of the airwaves to the corporate media, for free, with the understanding that they will honor their obligation to provide the information the people need to participate in a democracy. Instead corporate media uses the gift to sell products, treats news departments as profit centers, excludes political groups other than the corporate duopoly and demands money to get a voice in the democratic process.

We fight the wars to ensure the profits of big oil, and we pay the taxes which go to the military budget. Big oil evades taxes. When big oil creates an environmental disaster we clean up after them. We lose our health and our lively-hoods, but big oil gets bailed out. Our taxes pay for cleanup our government makes big excuses for big oil.

When big banks convert the financial markets into a casino, and create products they call “derivatives” which even they don’t understand, and their recklessness and greed collapses the economy, the 99% lose jobs and the banks get bonuses.

Among the 1% are traders in the financial markets. they have been given a special tax-break, despite the fact they produce nothing of value to any human being other than themselves.

I am among the 99%, and i am fed up with the corporate media, big oil, big banks, and finance market parasites getting something for nothing.

An occupy Raleigh participant

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