Close the School of the Americas: Nov. 19 – 21, 2010

Join us in Georgia from November 19-21 to remember the victims and to celebrate the resistance!

Thirty years have passed since Maryknoll missioners Maura Clark, Jean Donovan, Ita Ford, and Dorothy Kazel were brutally killed by graduates of the SOA in El Salvador. They are four among thousands of victims and survivors of the ongoing SOA / WHINSEC violence. In 2009, SOA graduates overthrew the democratically elected government of Honduras and unleashed brutal repression against the pro-democracy resistance. This year saw the release of a human rights report that links SOA graduates to extrajudicial killings in Colombia. The SOA / WHINSEC has remained open throughout too many years of terror and violence in Latin America, and no formal investigation of the school has ever taken place. Enough is enough! Shut it down!

From November 19-21, 2010, thousands will gather at the gates of Fort Benning to stand up for justice, to shut down the School of the Americas and to end the oppressive U.S. foreign policy that the school represents. We invite you to join us this November as we remember, in solemnity, the victims, and as we grow stronger than ever before in our resistance.

Organizing Packet (Paquete Organizativo)

From SOA Watch:

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