Iraq War Update: Operation “New Dawn” & the Reality of Troop Withdrawal

The Iraq War “Over?”

On the 31st of August 2010, the last Stryker division of America’s combat forces crossed the border into Kuwait. While the reduction of the number of occupying forces isn’t an unwelcome development, the reality is that the forces of imperialist occupation have not given up on imposing upon the self determination of the Iraqi people. Some 50,000 troops and an unspecified number of private contractors and other imperialist agents will remain behind to secure the interests of US capital in the region.

Same Occupation, Different Name

On February the 7th of this year, a memo was sent out from the office of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates which approves the change the name of the occupation of Iraq from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn. It is worth noting that this is also the name of the 2004 siege of Fallujah, which continues to leave behind victims as a result of the toxic munitions used there. The “New Dawn” that this name change proposes is every bit as hollow as the purported “Iraqi Freedom” the last operation brought Iraq. The only thing “New” about the current occupation is that it is being done with less regular combat troops and more private forces, which are tethered by a shorter leash than their Army and Marine Corps. counterparts. A Monolith to US Empire

Another sign that the United States war machine has no intention of abandoning their hegemonic desires for Iraq is the construction of a US embassy in Baghdad, which consists of a 104-acre compound, making it the largest US embassy in the world. The construction of such a large and costly facility within Iraq’s borders signifies that occupation in one form or another is inevitable, being that combat-ready forces would be required to secure and defend the 1,000 employees, diplomats and other agents of US Empire who would occupy this new embassy. They Won’t End This War

This “troop withdrawal” is a ruse and the reality is that the imperialist ambitions of the American bourgeoisie will continue to demand an occupation of Iraq. The violence that has gripped Iraq as a result of imperialist invasion and colonialist pipe-dreams will not cease as long as the country continues to be occupied. We at the American Party of Labor call for a complete withdrawal of American forces, as well as a halt to the construction of yet another monument to American dominance in the region.


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