Statement on Israel’s Attack on an Aid Flotilla

Recent Events in the Middle East

Nine people have been killed after Israeli soldiers stormed a convoy of flotilla ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip. The forces of the IDF boarded the largest vessel and clashed with the 500 activists on board, claiming they were a hostile force in defiance of the blockade (itself illegal) imposed on Palestine. In fact, the crew were bringing much-needed humanitarian supplies to Gaza. Israel’s use of violence against the Turkish vessel and the murder of civilians constitute a possible act of war against Turkey. Israel must be held accountable for these actions.

The Israeli attack on a peaceful flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Palestine is just the latest in a long line of atrocities attributed to an overtly and openly terrorist state. The belligerent actions of Israel have reminded the international community of the Gaza Massacre of 2009 in which 1,400 Palestinians were killed by bombings and white phosphorous (illegal under international law for use against civilians), 5,303 were wounded and over 50,000 residents were displaced. These actions have also brought the world’s attention to the sufferings and blockade the Palestinians in Gaza have suffered ever since.

Condemn Israel’s Aggression
The American Party of Labor has ranked Zionism as a threat to world peace, world progress and world stability. The belligerent actions of Israel prove to the world that this state which has no right to exist will do whatever it takes to continue its racialist policies and prevent any possibility for a stable Middle East.

From the very outset of its founding, the state of Israel has been inherently racialist. It has passed numerous laws prohibiting the intermarriage and breeding between the Palestinian native population and the European invaders (who just happen to practice Judaism, or are descended from persons who practiced Judaism). It has perpetuated several aggressive wars of attrition against the Palestinian people and is currently enforcing a blockade against a people beleaguered by the crushing power of an invading power. The terms of the blockade itself—ostensibly to prevent the import of weaponry—actually more often then not blockades foods, water, medicine and other essentials of life.

This blockade is nothing short than a crime against humanity. The most recent outrage by the most belligerent state on the Planet, Israel, the attack of a Turkish transport attempting to supply the Palestinians with food and medicines is just one example in a long list of crimes against the indigenous Palestinian population. The American Party of Labor therefore must state plainly that Zionism is a threat to world peace and must be combated. The American Party of Labor must be clear that Israel does not have the right to exist, and the American Party of Labor calls on the establishment of a single state solution wherein Palestinians and whatever European Jews wish to remain can live in peace and democracy.

The American Party of Labor calls for the dissolution of the last apartheid state, Israel.

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