Update on Gaza War Crimes: Final Body Count

Palestinians killed: 1,417

Wounded: 5,303

Israeli deaths: 13

Israeli troops sent into Gaza: 176, 500

Over 4000 homes destroyed, $2 billion worth of damage, 51,000 residents displaced, 400,000 Palestinians left without running water.

The terrorist state of Israel has shown itself to be a rogue state, even by the standards of the imperialist bourgeoisie. The massacre and mass murder being perpetrated in the Gaza Strip is part of Israel’s genocidal program of the ethnic cleansing and purification of occupied Palestine to make room for the “Greater Israel.” Even the capitalist media is highly critical of the attacks. Despite Israel’s excuse that the attack was focused mainly on Hamas, most of the violence fell upon the heads of Palestinian civilians. The Democrats and Republicans have both either supported Israel’s assault on the Palestinian people, or like Obama, have remained silent on the issue. It is the duty of all the progressive peoples of the world to support the Palestinian people in their struggle against Zionist terrorism. In the current conditions in the Gaza Strip, the main enemy of the people is not the Hamas government, but the Israeli military and their US supporters. The state of Israel lives only because the United States supplies it with billions of dollars every year, both in foreign aid and interest-free loans. Israel has functioned as a repressive apartheid state ruled by military choppers, machine guns and barb wire for decades. This massacre is the latest in a timeline of violence pursued by the reactionary state, starting with the invasion a few decades ago and reaching another peak with the invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

The revolutionaries in every country must support a broad united front of the Palestinian peoples against foreign occupation and aggression. Let it be known: this is a righteous struggle against attempted genocide!

Categories: Colonialism, Imperialism, Imperialist War, International, Israel, Palestine, Racist Oppression, Zionism

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